Saraswati Pradhan, 80 years Kalimpong, West Bengal

I don’t usually do reviews on Doctors but I feel Dr. Arvind deserves one. When I was diagnosed with uterine cancer, I was faced with the enormous task of looking for an oncological surgeon from amongst hundreds. A young gynecologist at Ganga Ram who is a family friend mentioned Dr. Arvind’s name and declared that he had “magical fingers”. I went ahead to vet him further and he was endorsed by senior surgeons in Delhi and Mumbai. And there I was, ready to go under his knife. I was told that there was less than 10 ml of blood loss during the surgery.

It seems to be rare when you find a doctor who cares about you and your condition enough to spend time explaining everything when the diagnosis is cancer. I feel blessed. Not because I had cancer, but because I was referred to Dr. Arvind. From the moment I met him, I had the greatest trust in him. He showed kindness and made me feel I’m part of his team in my treatment.
Dr. Arvind approached me with reassurance, simple language as opposed to confusing medical jargon, listened attentively to my questions with understanding, and always gave a clear well-informed answer.

It is almost a year now since my surgery and I have not had a problem post-surgery. I do reach out to him via WhatsApp and phone to answer any questions that once in a while come to mind and he is always available.

Dr. Arvind is a first-class oncological surgeon with extensive knowledge in his field. I would put him at the head of his profession.